ISSEY MIYAKE, A Fashion Watch with the Aura of Art and Philosophy

ISSEY MIYAKE, A Fashion Watch with the Aura of Art and Philosophy

If you are fascinated by the minimalist style of watches, you must be familiar with the world’s famous brand from Japan, ISSEY MIYAKE, which has a long history and is an Asian brand that has a reputation on the world’s fashion stage with the unique design of combination between art and philosophy in each piece.

Back in the 1970’s, ISSEY MIYAKE was risen up from a women’s boutique in Tokyo, Japan called Miyake Design Studio, founded by experienced designer, Mr. Issey Miyake, a revolutionary Japanese designer in the fashion industry. He is well-known by a unique style of work ,such as Pleats Please Issey Miyake, pleated clothes in a modern style which customers can wear anytime or BAO BAO Issey Miyake bag, which was a popular trend in Thailand and foreign countries as well as the prestigious fragrance collection, L’EAU D’ISSEY and ISSEY MIYAKE watches.

ISSEY MIYAKE watches are designed by Miyake Design Studio since 2001, with seven famous designers in each field to design each collection of watches. This gives each model a unique design and reflects a design of the individual based on the concept that is defined to be an analog watch, made in Japan only. Every people can wear it and use it with a cost-effectiveness.

Speaking of the collections of ISSEY MIYAKE watches in the past, there will be 17 collections in total. W and W Mini are the most popular and best-selling collections, designed and created by Mr Satoshi Wada, a designer who has been in the field of automotive design for more than two decades. He was inspired by the smoothly aesthetic of alloy wheels and dashboards of luxurious cars reflecting neatness and sharpness. They are created on the rugged aluminum edge to the wearer’s wrist. Mr. Satoshi Wada defines this design as “MINIMAL x. FUTURE ” illustrating the fusion of traditional Japanese art and the modernity in today’s world on the basis of flexibility and sustainability. W and W Mini Collection are simple wristwatches with minimalist style and perfect combination of the beauty of the car design inspiration.

If you are interested in W and W Mini watches as well as other collections from ISSEY MIYAKE, check out and try them on at ISSEY MIYAKE watch shops in famous department stores or call Trocadero Time at tel. 02-163-0555.

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